What do I need to know about Disticor Direct?
As a national distributor of magazines, we have been serving Canadians with high quality international periodicals for over 35 years. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and annual publications in over 60 different categories. Our head office and warehouse are located together in Oshawa, Ontario. Disticor Quebec is located in Montreal.

What are the benefits of a Disticor Direct Retail Sales Program?
Our specially designed sales program is created to enhance your profitability and generate traffic in your location. We offer:
 A 100% risk free sales opportunity with no up front investment
 Easy credit for unsold magazines
 Weekly delivery updates and special news flashes via the Bulletin Board on this website
 Personal costumer service for shipments and billing

How can my business benefit from it?
 Magazines attract attention. They encourage customers to spend more time and, therefore, more money in your store
 Magazines sell BIG in a small space. They deliver higher than average profit per square foot.
 Magazines attract loyal readers. They generate repeat sales and trigger countless impulse purchases of other products.

How do I return what I do not sell?
With each magazine order you receive you will also receive a Credit Worksheet (CW) Notice. This indicates which titles are being called off sale and should be returned. It is important that this form be used for all returns. The steps for returns are:
1. Remove all covers from the magazines that are listed on the CW
2. Enter the quantity for return in the appropriate box on the CW
3. Sign and date the CW and attach all matching covers
4. Keep a copy of the CW for your records and send the original to Disticor Direct.

How do I receive my invoices/statements?
Retailers can view and download their invoices online by logging into the Data Centre. They can review their statements and credits 24hrs/day, 7 days/week. They can also easily download their invoices and credit notes into Excel easily and efficiently.

How often is my information updated in the Data Centre?
Since Disticor’s billing system is linked to the Data Centre on our website, Retailers can access the most up to date sales information 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

How can I improve and/or grow my sales?
Disticor’s online Data Centre affords Retailers the opportunity to assess what publications are doing well within their stores both by title and by category. Since our complete title list is also available online with publications categorized accordingly, Retailers can easily find additional titles to sell in the categories that suit their store’s needs best.

What do I do if I forget my password to the Data Centre?
Contact Denise Boswell (dboswell@disticor.com).

How do I contact Customer Service?
You can reach us at (905) 619-6565, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00pm EST using the following extensions:

Customer Service Ext. 237
Accounting Ext. 295 or 302

Fax: (905) 619-2903

Or you can email us: annl@disticor.com