Publisher Statement

Disticor is the only distributor that produces an Issue Specific Publisher Ledger that reports all the detailed charges to the actual issue that the charges relate to. This Issue Specific Publisher Ledger provides the detailed accounting of the charges and revenues in order to determine the Financial Income Statement of a particular issue of a particular title.

"Thank you for all the work you have done to make the distribution of Spring Gardening 2006 an outstanding success. The numbers that you accomplished were beyond any that we had projected."
-- Ryan Robutka, Lois Hole’s Gardening

"The people in your company are always pursuing the challenge at hand and doing it with professional efficiency. In all of my years in publishing, I have never been subjected to a better staff of people."
--Robert Wheaton, Life Extension

"I must say that I have been very impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail of all the people involved on your end."
--Jim Meinhardt, Kalmbach Publishing Co.