Corporate Profile

Disticor Magazine Distribution Services is an international distributor of Canadian, American, British, French, Italian, German, and Australian mass market and special interest newsstand publications that span fifty magazine newsstand categories.

Today Disticor Magazine Distribution Services is the largest Canadian national distributor of third party newsstand publications at wholesale in Canada and the fifth largest national distributor in the US.

Disticor’s sister company, Disticor Direct Retail Services, is Canada’s largest direct to retail distributor serving over 1,500 retailers with more that 2,300 titles. Its account base is comprised of exclusive specialty outlets geared towards niche and imported magazines.

With a history of attaining its goals, exceeding its publishers’ expectations, and committing itself to the innovative use of technology, Disticor continues to strengthen its competitive advantages while maintaining its corporate mission “to retain and enhance its market prominence by building long term relationships through service excellence”. Seeking to better serve publishers through the knowledge and guidance of a highly qualified and experienced management team, Disticor executives are proud of their collective experience in the newsstand distribution industry.

Disticor’s goal is to make its publishers’ magazine circulation grow. By measuring performance through newsstand sales and by the level of service given to each and every publisher, Disticor strives to be a dynamic consulting arm, ready to provide the one-on-one assistance and support needed to build a strong on-going relationship with each publisher.

The efforts and successes of our employees has led to Disticor’s identification as one of the top 50 Best Managed Private Companies by The Financial Post and Arthur Andersen. A corporate philosophy of hard work and integrity coupled with its devotion to service, technology and growth, has also garnered acclaim from Ernst & Young, who nominated Disticor the Canadian Information Productivity Award, the Information Innovator of the Year, and two Global Traders Awards, both in the market expansion category.

Disticor has never been content to rest on its laurels or award nominations. In 2001 Disticor entered into an agreement with Rider Circulation Services for billing and data processing services. Always searching for new opportunities for its clients, Disticor purchased Doormouse Distribution Services in 2000. This acquisition began its direct to retail business, and in 2003 Disticor added the purchase of Marginal Books, a distributor of alternative and independent press to the Canadian bookstore trade. In 2004 the company accumulated all the shares of Gordon and Gotch Periodicals Inc., both a national distributor to the Canadian wholesale trade, and a direct to retail distributor. Today the combined companies of Doormouse, Gotch Periodicals and Marginal operate as Disticor Direct Retail Services, Canada’s largest direct to retail distributor serving over 1,500 retailers with more than 2,300 titles. Its account base consists of prime magazine retailers across Canada including bookstores, newsstands, and exclusive specialty outlets geared towards niche and imported magazines.

In 2004 Disticor bought the assets of Mastermedia, a Canadian national distributor of both U.S. and Canadian magazines. Complimenting this purchase was the 2005 acquisition of an American company, Prestige Periodicals, a New York based national distributor of magazines. These entities, along with the wholesale distribution arm of Gotch Periodicals, were rolled into Disticor Magazine Distribution Services.

Disticor has taken advantage of the synergies emerging from the best practices of each acquired magazine distribution company to establish Disticor as the premier magazine distributor it is today.