About Us

Disticor Magazine Distribution Services is an international distributor of Canadian, American, British, French, Italian, German, and Australian mass market and special interest newsstand publications that span fifty magazine newsstand categories.

Today Disticor Magazine Distribution Services is the largest Canadian national distributor of third party newsstand publications at wholesale in Canada and the fifth largest national distributor in the US.

Disticor's sister company, Disticor Direct Retail Services, is Canada's largest direct to retail distributor serving over 1,500 retailers with more that 2,300 titles. Its account base is comprised of exclusive specialty outlets geared towards niche and imported magazines.

With a history of attaining its goals, exceeding its publishers' expectations, and committing itself to the innovative use of technology, Disticor continues to strengthen its competitive advantages while maintaining its corporate mission "to retain and enhance its market prominence by building long term relationships through service excellence".