Northern Divisions: The Old IRA and the Belfast Pogroms 1920-22


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Pub Date2001/01
AuthorMcDermott, Jim
PublisherBeyond the Pale Publications
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All Subjectshistory, politics, ireland, revolution
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DescriptionJimmy McDermott was an IRA officer in Belfast in the 1920s
and so was his brother Johnny. They went their separate
ways when the IRA split over the Treaty, Jimmy ending
up as an officer in the Free State Army. The story of the
McDermott brothers is one small part of the history of the
turbulent birth of the unionist state in the North. In this
book, Jimmy McDermott's grandson pieces together the
history of Belfast republicanism around the time of partition.
Who were the Belfast republicans of the early 1920s?
How were they organised and how did they relate to the
larger republican movement in Ireland? Why did so many
republican personnel in the city opt for a pro-Treaty stance?
Above all, what did the Belfast IRA do and why were the
survivors of the period so silent about their involvement
Cover ImageNorthern Divisions: The Old IRA and the Belfast Pogroms 1920-22